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Are you planning a FREE community event and need help recruiting vendors?


Look no further! Our event collaboration service takes the stress out of vendor recruitment.


You focus on planning the event while we handle the marketing to recruit vendors and take care of the registration process.  We also ask that you reserve a space for us to market our products and services at your event.


For paid events, contact us for collaboration pricing.


Let us help make your event a success!


Event Collaboration


    In the unfortunate event that your event is canceled, we will personally notify all vendors.

    Please note that if marketing has been completed for 10 or more days, no refund will be issued. However, if marketing has been completed for less than 10 days, we will only reimburse you 50% of your total payment.

  • Black Dolla Indy is a marketing agency.  We do not guarantee an increase in sales, customers, vendors, or any other outcomes.

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