DBA:  Black Dolla Indy

Black Dolla Indy (BDI) is a social networking platform originally created in June 2020 for African American residents living in the Indianapolis area.  BDI is not a black business directory; but rather, a consumer page with the black business in mind. 

There are several important goals BDI plans to reach:

1.  Help the consumer find the best black-owned businesses Indy has to offer

2.  Encourage opportunities for improved business practices when applicable 

3.  Bring the consumer and business together to create the perfect Black Experience

4.   Expand the length of time the dollar circulates within the black community to aid in reducing the generational wealth gap.

5.  Develop an educational program that aids in complete business readiness

6.  Offer scholarships to it's members to attend business enrichment classes offered by BDI & other entities within the city of Indianapolis.

BDI is actively being used by over 40 thousand residents in Indiana, Atlanta, Florida, Chicago and Ohio.  BDI has created the exposure black businesses need to expand, as well as keep their doors open during times of survival difficulty.

Businesses represented on the BDI platform include but are not limited to services such as:  Law, Engineering, Fashion/Design, Food/Restaurants, Home Improvement, Realty, Insurance, Beauty/Skincare, Healthcare, Technology, Education and Accounting to name a few. 

Wednesdays and Saturdays are called “Black Dolla Days.”  Black Dolla Days are set aside for advertising and promoting products/services and neighborhood events.  The other days are set aside for consumers to browse, shop, and give reviews about their experience.

If you need it, you can almost be certain to find it on Black Dolla Indy.

Black Dolla has been featured on the front page of the Indianapolis Recorder, in the Indy Star, Black Enterprise, Indiana Minority Business magazine, on WISH TV, WRTV, Fox 59, CBS4Indy, Indy Black Owned, Visit Indy, Black Banks Matter, Hot96 with Cameron Scott, WTLC and AM 1310: The Light

Black Dolla is committed to highlighting black business through events all Hoosiers can enjoy.​

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"Connecting You To Our Community"

Carmen Davenport is a biological mom of one, step-mom of 3 and motherly energy to many.  Redefining the written definition of ‘BLACK’ is the greatest empowering legacy she plans to leave to not only her own family, but others who struggle daily with accepting who they are despite what society considers ‘normal’.

​Carmen grew up on the Southside of Indianapolis and graduated from Thomas Carr Howe High School (Go Hornets!), she went on to attend Indiana Business College where she majored in Fashion Merchandising. While in school, Carmen began working full-time for a local Non-Profit organization whose mission is to provide healthcare services to the underserved and disadvantaged population.  

​Throughout Carmen’s tenure, she has implemented three software programs used to support both Practice Management and EHR workflows.  Carmen holds an 13 year Practice Management Training Certification, has developed and oversees her company's first corporate training program, manages it's Revenue Cycle Department and served as one of the first Organizational Customer Service Advocates & Corporate Event Planners.  To date, Carmen has been with the organization 30 years.

Carmen understands that people should function within their ministry to produce the biggest impact and she struggled to find how her passions and abilities could aid in improving some of the disparities the black communities face. 

Carmen’s passion for all people, her interest in making a difference and her struggle to find her place in a movement whose mission aligned with what kept her up at night, became the inspiration in creating the Black Dolla Indy platform. 

Carmen launched a T-shirt line in 2015 entitled “Marilyn Who?” which was used to empower black women. Her hope was that they would develop a greater sense of self-worth through the expression of art depicted. In all, no matter the shade, black is beautiful!


Carmen's true gift is writing, she is the author of a children’s book series called Nosey Nia. Nosey Nia gives a brief exploration of a child’s view of the bible and answers many questions children may have.  She currently has three of the 5-book series released, to include “Nosey Nia and the Big Book” , “Nosey Nia – 7 Days”, "Nosey Nia - Man Oh Man" and her next book titled "Nate Counts To 10" is scheduled to be released fall 2022 which will be followed by 2 other kids book entitled “Tricky Colors”, "Pretty in Politics" and an adult book entitled, “Random thoughts About Random Sh!+.”

You can find her published works on Amazon or online at almost any book retailer in the US.